Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hardy Road Trails.

Just got back from riding the trails at Hardy Road.  Really some nice beginner, intermediate, and expert trails already in place with more to come.  There is one loop of approximately 1.2 miles that is very nice.  It gains a little bit of height and then runs down thru the pines.  There is also a trail out and back that goes to a very nice lookout.  I will take some picture on the next trip and see if I can figure out how to get them into this blog.

If you're not familiar with Hardy Rd; it's very easy to find.  Turn onto Fox Farm Rd. by the Hungry Trout Fly Shop.  Take a right at the stop sign on Springfield Rd.  Go about a mile and turn left onto Hardy Rd.  Go for about another mile until you come to a clearing on your right with a small stone monument.  You can park here.  The trails begin just across the road.  The trail to the left (south) is the easiest.  It's splits to the right about .25 miles in and then goes up a gentle hill and then heads north and east down thru the pines back to your starting point  It's a good start for beginners.

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  1. Hey Bert! Nice to see the new Blog. Views from the bluffs at Hardy road are nice- hopefully we'll do our best to get out there and get that loop finished soon! That particular loop will probably be the most challenging one out there, but the view is worth getting out of the saddle and walking a bit if you have to! Watch out for those bike cleats on exposed ledge!