Sunday, September 26, 2010

New Trail on Hardy Road

Worked on Friday cutting a new trail on Hardy Rd.  Saturday was also a work day for members of theWilmington Mt. Peddlers and BETA.  We were able to compete the new section of trail.  It offers a fairly easy ride thru pines and hardwood forests.  It adds about approximately 1/2 mile to an existing loop.

GPS location for Hardy Rd. Parking                 N 44 degrees 21' 51.1"  Elevation 1010'
                                                                        W 73 degrees 48' 2.5"

Hardy Rd. Overlook 1                                      N 44 degrees 21' 42.5"  Elevation 1248'
                                                                        W 73 degrees 48' 49.8'

Hardy Rd. Overlook 2                                      N 44 degrees 21' 39.4"  Elevation 1211'
                                                                        W 73 degrees 48' 50.8"

Monday, September 6, 2010

Road Biking The Black Brook Loop

Just finished an 18.5 mile ride starting from the Willkommen Hof and going out to the village of Black Brook and back via Haselton and Springfield Roads.  On the map, it would be the green, blue and yellow loops combined.

This is a moderate loop with a few nice hills to climb and to ride down.  It is really nice because a substantial part of the loop has just been paved.  You can get a little more info or down load a PDF version of the map from our web site under the Road Biking link.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hardy Road Overlook

View from Hardy Overlook #1

Had a friend come up from downstate.  We road the easy loop and the slalom through the pines and then went on to do the hard loop out, back, and up.  This loop has a fair amount of climbing and expert riding.  The rock work on this trail is amazing.  I will post pictures of what the Wilmington Mountain Peddlers and BETA members have done.  I took a GPS and camera for pictures and location details.  I finally figured out how to post pictures.

There are 2 overlooks on this trail that over amazing views of the valley and Whiteface.  There is a fair amount of rideable terrain for the intermediate rider.